Friday, April 30, 2010

spring cleaning.

i'm home for the night :) i got to see andrew, danielle, and trey today, which was as always, amazing. i came down here to bring back most of my things from my dorm, because no one can come up and help me move. a week from today, i will be home for forever.

well, maybe not forever, but for a while... :)

i'm about to go attack my room. clean it, throw old memories away, true spring cleaning. i hope it will be liberating. because that's exactly what i want. i need to to feel liberated. more than anything. i'm sitting here on the floor of my room, listening to owl city, and feeling like... i just don't fit in this room anymore. it's not mine. i'm different now, a completely different person than i was in high school. this room doesn't belong to me, but the high school sam, the old me. i'm ready to move on.

at least i think i am.

and i really hope i am. because i'm about to fuck some shit up :)

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