Monday, April 26, 2010


OKAY. so, i know i've already posted two blogs today... haha. but i'm SO bored. and i know i should be doing like, everything, but i've totally given up on this semester. as of now, i've decided to start next semester anew, or... this summer rather. both!! anyways. i've been thinking about everything i want to do this summer, and i have to write it down somewhere so i don't forget. haha :)

redecorate my room - if i'm going to be living there this summer and next year, i don't want it to reflect my high school life. i want it to reflect NOW. well... almost now :)
knit a lot - i've been knitting for a long time now (since 8th grade). dan just picked up knitting, and we're going to have knitting parties all summer :) i want to expand what i already know how to do. oh! and i need to teach andrew's roommate (also named andrew) how to knit!! pretty. excited.
get a job - i pretty much don't have any hope for getting a job right when summer starts, but when i get home i am going to start speed applying to EVERYWHERE. the only place i've applied to is vans a few weeks ago, and i haven't heard anything back yet.
find something that will make my legs smoother - hahaha. i have super thick hair, so yeah... i've never really had super smooth legs, and i want them!! so yeah, that's like, a little mini goal ^_^
start an art journal - with dan and one by myself :) the one i want to do by myself will be... i think more personal, and i'll put all of my little keepsakes from nau in it, so they'll never go forgotten. and maybe a few high school memories from my walls that i absolutely cannot throw away. and then things that are from... well i guess what is now my future :)
develop a new wardrobe - this will really only happen if i get a job. i go back and forth everyday with what i want my style to be, or what i think is cute. sometimes i like the whole grungy, i don't care what i look like, but i still look good thing. sometimes i like the very clean cut, stylish, preppy look. it just kind of depends, but i want to get more clothes that reflect that. and i want more clothes that reflect the different season. i think most of my clothes are wintery. winter was always my favorite season... until i moved to flagstaff. now, i am in love with spring and really only have two tops that show that. i really want a skirt with flowers on it to wear with a white tank top. i don't have that!!! i neeeeeed a new wardrobe.
read more - i absolutely loooove reading. but i feel like haven't had any time for it this whole school year. i'm too busy being lazy. haha. reading isn't really a lazy thing for me... like, when i feel like being lazy, i don't read. i sit and watch tv and sit on the computer and write about how lazy i am and what i want to do when i'm not being lazy. AND AND AND. anyways, i want to read more <3
be healthier - i've already made plans with dan and andrew to work out this summer!! but i want to be healthier overall. i want to eat healthily, exercise healthily, and think healthily. i read somewhere that omega 3 reduces the risk for depression. i can get depressed really easily, and i figure, it can't hurt to try something natural that might reduce that risk :) i want to BE HAPPY! all the time :)
be more organized - i know this will probably NEVER happen, but i want to keep my room cleaner and more organized. a girl can dream right?!
take more pictures - i already take a lot of pictures, but if i want to be a photographer, i should start taking more. i want to invest in new camera's: mostly silly ones; and new lenses: more professional ones and ones to just have fun with.
get another tattoo - i'm not sure of what yet, but i either want something really artsy or really simple. maybe both... :) i'm not sure where i want it either, but i'll figure it out. i've been thinking about the zildjian logo possibly on my wrist? maybe a bird... or a camera. i want something meaningful to me though. possibly just a treble or bass clef somewhere. i've been thinking about maybe getting something tattooed on my foot (i pick painful spots) or maybe my hipbone. not sure yet. i also might want to get "don't think or judge, just listen" tattooed somewhere on me. i've wanted it for a really long time.

anyways, once i get a job, i'm going to be spending so much money... :)

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