Monday, April 26, 2010


i've been inspired by dan's serendipitous saturday (and sundays :D) to think about everything that i've become obsessed with lately.

hellogoodbye :] andrew told me to listen to "two weeks in hawaii" a few weeks ago. he told me that parts of it really related to how he felt about me, so of course i listened to it. he told me that i would like hellogoodbye, and he was right! i'm listening to them right now. one of my favorites so far is "the thought that gives me creeps" i completely suggest that you listen to it <3

the song got me thinking, what if i had never met some of the people who are my best friends now? or what if i had never met andrew? again, with the WHAT IF'S. the thought really does give me the creeps. ha.

making bracelets!! i've only finished a few so far, but i've been working on other ones. i usually get bored with it after a while, but i'm really determined to finish all of them. i want to have wrists full of bracelets. you should make me one, i'll wear it :)

skyyyype. i'm on it everyday. i only have two buddies... haha. and i only ever talk to one, andrew. when i talk to him on skype, it's almost like i'm actually there with him, even though i'm not :[

THIS BED! i want this :) and i've become obsessed with trying to find things that match it, the store urban outfitters in general, and this summer when i get to go there and redecorate my room. thinking about this is what i do instead of study.

ceramics. yes, i haven't gone to ceramics yet today or this week, and i need to, but ever since i finished this piece, i want to take ceramics again, and i'm considering rearranging my schedule for next semester to do it. i have all sorts of new inspiration that includes me just making things to make them and have them. and making pendants for necklaces, and then making the actual necklace myself :) if i take ceramics again though, i'm going to promise myself that i go everyday and that i work on it outside of class as much as possible. if i do take it, i'll have it tuesdays and thursdays at 12:30-3:15. if i get into abnormal psychology, i'll have that from 10:30-11:45. i can go straight from that to ceramics, then stay afterwards, because my next class after that isn't until 4:25. i just have to figure out when i'll take photography 1, because it's during the same time. there are other times i can take it, but it conflicts with either other classes or marching band. so i have to decide whether or not i'm going to take marching band.

being lazy. i can't get enough of it. i'm hoping that i'll be so tired of being lazy by the end of next week that i won't want to be lazy at all this summer or next semester. HERE'S TO HOPING!

thinking. i think a lot. i sit on my bed (not really in this position... ha) all day and think. i think mostly about my future, and what i will make of it. i think of the present, and how i'm doing nothing (except thinking). and i think of my past, and how i screwed up this semester. i mostly think about the summer and next semester. what i want to do, what i should do, all the different possibilities, different scenarios. i can't help it. when i'm living it, i'll try so hard to live in the present.

anyways, that's a lot of things to be obsessed with!! ha.

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