Saturday, July 31, 2010

day twenty six.

Journal Prompt 26: Today you are going to write out your favorite recipe!! This can be written, illustrated, cut and pasted, something. It is always really good to document these small little pieces of your life. Don't you think?

yay for being caught up! this is seriously one of my most favorite dishes ever. it's an old recipe passed down from my great grandparents. my mom renamed it party potatoes because we used to bring them to all the parties and family get togethers we went to. their pretty unhealthy, but they're SO good. i would eat them everyday if i wouldn't gain 500 pounds from it. haha. anyways, you can ad onions to it too, but i left that out because i don't like it :) you can mix it up a lot actually. i think my step mom uses cream of mushroom instead of chicken.

aaanyways. i've been working on another project all day, and since it's saturday night and i have no plans, probably all night too. i'll for sure take a picture tomorrow and post it because it's super awesome :) at least i think so! haha.


i've had a lot of progress with everything flagstaff related. haha. first off, i found a roommate. i don't know her, but i found her on facebook and she seems like a good person. hopefully we'll be able to pull everything off soon. i also paid for marching band. i'm actually taking it through nau (so i had to pay all of the dumb fees which made marching band cost freaking $1240), but i don't have to withdraw from nau and i can tell people i'm an nau student. i know my mom will. i'll probably say ccc though to anyone who asks... haha. anyways. we also keep meaning to pay for ccc, because i'm finally enrolled in 12 credits, but we also keep forgetting. today! let's get it done! haha.

i've been reminiscing. last year... seriously one of the best of my life. there was stress and some other things that made it not so great, but other things that totally overshadow all of that! i thought i would reminisce with you :)

sorry there are so many... but it's my blog!! so i'll post as many as i waaaant :) haha. anyways. i can't wait to get back up there!!

i'm not sure why some of the pictures only show like, 2/3s of it. but it kind of makes me mad and i don't want to spend time to fix it. haha.

Friday, July 30, 2010

days 17-25.

Journal Prompt 17: Today you are going to illustrate a day. It can be today, it can be yesterday, it can be a significant event that you have had in your life :) Use pictures, labels, words, doodle, sketches, anything you want, to describe your day! This is a cute one. Enjoy!

Journal Prompt 18: Music is one of my most favorite things ever!! It translates emotions that I can't even imagine putting into words. I love it. Today I want you to create a playlist of some kind. It can be your summer playlist, your July playlist, songs from your wedding day, or favorite songs of all time :) This one will be another fun one to look at down the road :)

Journal Prompt 19: Today I want you to create a "guide to your city." What are the must-see things that you would want a visitor to experience in your city. This can guide can be for your city, town, or state. I am really excited to see these and to maybe even use them in my future when traveling!! Have fun with this!!!

Journal Prompt 20: Here is the age old question, what is in your bag?? This has always been a great photo prompt that i have seen all over the blog world. Today, you are going to write about the contents of YOUR bag, or illustrate it, or take a picture of it, whatever :D

Journal Prompt 21: What is your most favorite quote? A quote that inspires you, or your mantra. I literally have 4 journals from college filled with quotes that inspire me and make me smile. Today is the day to share your inspiring words with your friends :)

Journal Prompt 22: Today I want to know what your favorite holiday is!! There are soooo many holidays out there and the cool thing is that they differ depending on where you live, your family, and your religion. Teach me all about your favorite holiday and why it's your favorite :)

Journal Prompt 23: Today I want you to fill an entire page in your journal with one of the elements of art. As an art teacher, I have to talk about all of the elements of art...daily.
Here they are:
1. Line
2. Color
3. Shape
4. Space
5. Texture
6. Form

Journal Prompt 24: What is your most favorite place in the world? Is it a country, a town, a room, a secret place that no one else knows about? I know you have one, I want to see it!!

Journal Prompt 25: I want you to think about your day today. If you had to describe to me in one word, or one short phrase what would it be?? Us this phrase or word repeatedly on your page, trying out new fonts :)

i'm finally caught up. NINE DAYS!! ehksjnkjrtht. i hate it because this is totally something i don't have to do but i feel obligated now! hahaha. so they don't look great, and i'm not really going to explain, BUT, i feel accomplished because i finally had some inspiration to get caught up.