Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new happenings.

ahhh, life. it's happening, and it's preventing me from posted about it. it's almost the end of the semester and i can say that i'm happy with the way most of it has gone. the little bit that i'm not happy about: school. i pretty much stopped going. i haven't even been on ccc's campus in like, three weeks. i know this is bad, but i don't see the point in going other than to feel like i'm not wasting money. here's to next semester i guess!

i have about three more days of my rush process for kkpsi. every time i think about it i get butterflies. i can't help but think about how much i've really loved my process. i've been wondering how things will change and whether or not i'm ready for it. i've been a pm for so long that i feel like i'll forget that i'm a brother (if i go through that is...). i've grown so much this semester and i'm so happy that i've finally made it through my process. at the beginning of my process i think i just wanted to get through it. but as i started interviewing people, and interviewing people i hadn't interviewed before, and putting on things like our social, fundraiser and service project, i started to realize how much i really needed last semester and this semester. i'm a different person. i can handle more. i've grown. it took talking to someone i wasn't really close with and someone who brothers told me wouldn't be a great interview to help me realize how much i've really grown throughout my entire process. i'm so grateful either way, whether i get a bid to third or not (but i better... just saying). i'm not sure where i would be if i hadn't rushed.

ummm besides that, i need a new roommate. i almost got married. i need a new job. i hate driving in snow. and yeah.

just kidding about the married part. it was a joke...

but totally, i almost did ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010



motivation to finish my rush process for kkpsi = 329580368237659584%

motivation for school = -209348594386%

i honestly think my motivation for school would be the same whether or not i decided to rush again.

i read this post and felt like i finally had someone who believed the same as me about school.

i love photography, it's what i want to do. not only do i love it, but i'm good at it. it's the one thing that just comes naturally to me. i know i need to take more photography classes, which i will, but i don't see the need for a degree. i really don't. photography might be the one profession where your portfolio gets you hired, not your degree. and school just seems to be a big waste of time. so next semester for me is a photography class, a noncredit class about documentary making, and maybe some other noncredit classes through ccc. maybe not. more work time, more money, and more photography. i'm going to be applying to different photography studios and hopefully starting from the bottom to make my way up to the top. don't get me wrong, i actually don't mind working at burger king. i get cheap food and most of the people are pretty awesome, but i've gained a few pounds and i'm NOT okay with that. and my hours are getting cut and one of my roommates wants to move out. i need more money.

so yeah. that's the plan for me. less school, more work (hopefully as a photographer or for a photographer), healthier eating and more fun.

not that this semester isn't fun. i love it :) just not the school part...

Monday, November 1, 2010

i can't find my art book, so i'm not going to art for the third time in a row.

is that bad?

school sucks right now.