Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i finished ceramics today. got a d and one sweet finished piece out of it. NICE.

i need to pack, i'm going down to chandler tomorrow night to drop off some of my stuff. i want to clean out my room too, i've been wanted to do it for the LONGEST time. i want to rid of all my bad high school memories. i want to redecorate and grow :) move on with my life!!! I'M SO READY.

two things i've been pretty obsessed with this week: tattoos and ceramics.

I WANT THIS <3 reeeal bad. anyways, i've been obsessed with just looking at pictures and figuring out what i want. and for ceramics, just with everything i want to make next semester. i want to make SOOO many things. mostly some jewelry. i think it would so super cool to have jewelry i made myself. like, bracelets and rings and pendants for necklaces. AH. i'm so excited.

the next year is going to be so... creative. ha :)

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