Monday, April 19, 2010

i hope that this makes you smile.

i'm really excited to see where my relationship with andrew goes. it's weird, because i was so on and off with liking him up until last week. but that meant there was obviously something there. breaking up with at first i think was good for me, because it allowed me to really figure out how i feel and to start feeling new things. we talked everything out and now i like him more and more everyday. i really hope that when i get home it blossoms into something more, because i know that right now he likes me more than i like him. but i'm getting there. and i really want to get there :]

also, i don't know why i always write blogs right before i have to leave. well, i guess i can leave in about 10 minutes, but i still need to change because i'm wearing shorts and it's supposed to rain today. and i don't really want my legs to get wet. haha.

anyways, this morning i was having this weird dream. i often have dreams that start out good and somehow turn bad with someone chasing me. that started to happen last night, but i woke myself up. i was awake, and it was quiet and dark in my room. i felt paranoid. i got up to turn on that '70s show and when i got back into bed i checked my phone to see i had 32 new messages, all from andrew. i scrolled down to the first one and read through them all. it was exactly what i needed to forget about the dream i just had. while i was reading i got two new messages from him. it was amazing to think we were awake at the same time. i wrote him back nine messages. and woke him up in the process... which i felt bad for doing. haha. but i feel like i like him so much. and i can feel myself falling for him. i don't have much money left, but i'm going to spend it on him this weekend by driving down to phoenix to spend the weekend with him. so i only have four days until i see him. and i absolutely can't wait, because i miss him so much. my baby.

he told me that the song "two weeks in hawaii" by hello goodbye reminds him of me. not all of it, but some of it. i listened to it and looked up the lyrics. and i especially like this verse:

I hope that this makes you smile
And you might stay that way for a while
Cause you deserve every grin that you get
And you'll get em a lot from me


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