Monday, April 19, 2010

fake: to pretend; simulate.

i just found out that the tv show "tough love" and "tough love couples" is fake.


the matchmaker steven ward isn't even a real matchmaker. he works for a company with his mom and apparently they are both scam artists.

this... makes me SO sad. for realzies.

ha, not really.

it does make me think about what being "fake" means. what does it mean? what does it mean for a person to be fake? does it mean that they lie? does it mean that they do things they wouldn't normally do for other people? does it mean that their personality isn't real? and if you don't know this person, how do you that that isn't the "real" them? how do you know that it's fake? and then even if you don't know them, maybe that's just who they are. or maybe they don't know who they are yet, and don't know who they want to be, and by changing their personality, or lying, they're just trying to figure it out. i don't like to judge people i don't know, and that can be hard sometimes, especially when you meet someone you think is fake.

but everyone is fake sometimes. we act different around certain people. most people wouldn't act the same around their grandparents as they would around their friends or as they would around their boyfriend or girlfriend. i know i act different around my grandparents. i know i act different around certain groups of friends. not drastically, but i tend to play up the side of me that relates more to the person that i'm with at that moment. does that make me fake?

for people who never change who they are, good for you, you're rare. and i'm not jealous, because i love who i am :)

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