Sunday, April 18, 2010


i used to love my ceramics class, and now i pretty much hate because i'm not good and i'm so behind, but when i go there i see so many people who are so out there. the girls have wild hair and lots of piercings and tattoos. they wear the weirdest, most out there clothes, and they just don't seem to car about what anyone thinks of them. and for some reason, whenever i'm there, and their there, i can't help but stare. at their outwards confidence, at their unique sense of fashion that says, "i don't care," at their artistic ways about them.

i don't really know why i find myself staring... i don't know if it's the fact that i want to look like them or not. maybe it's because i'm envious of their confidence, because i've always thought of myself as confident. either way, i think it's awesome to not be classically "beautiful." because most people like that see beauty in everything. classically beautiful people have a hard time finding beauty in everything, and i would never want to be that way.

on another note, i'm so glad i stayed with my boyfriend. i can feel myself falling so hard for him, which i didn't feel prier to this. i can feel a sense of assurance that we'll actually follow through with all of the plans we're making for the summer and ever after. this is the first time i can see myself with someone for the long run. and i'm excited to be home so i can be with him ^_^

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