Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i'm probably going to be posting SO many blogs in the next two weeks. why? because i've given up on this semester. i feel it, i already have. my mom is coming up this weekend to help me pack and move some of my stuff home. i only have 11 days left.

anyways. last night i stayed up pretty late talking to andrew. we talked a lot about tattoos, and it got my mind thinking that i totally want more (even though when i got my first one i totally swore i would never get another one because it hurt so bad). i have a few ideas.

i really want to get the quote, "don't think or judge. just listen." yes, it's the name of my blog because i LOVE this quote. it's from the sarah dessen book just listen and i love what it means. i tend to over think and over judge situations. like now, all i can do is think and judge about what this summer and upcoming semester will bring me. i've been really working on doing what i want to do, and that takes me just listening to myself. i'm super indecisive, but when i just listen to myself and i don't think or judge, i realize what i want and i follow that. the few times i've done it, i've realized that i want to be a photographer, i want to go to mcc, and a few others things. and i'm trying to do it with small decisions too, "where do you want to eat sam? in and out burger or sonic?" my head: sonic. i want onion rings so bad. my mouth: "i don't know..."

yeah. i've been trying to work on it. ha.

just an idea?! maybe.

and i love dandelions. they represents something so innocent and pure, but at the same time something so... wild and kind of dangerous. dandelions are considered to be weeds to most people, and i think of weeds as wild and dangerous. i don't know, dandelions have this way about them... you can't be sure what they are. and i really like that. i do mostly like how they represent innocence.

i also want to get the quote, "one must sink to the depths in order to rise to the heights." it's from the book i capture the castle by dodie smith. to me, it represents all of the hard times i've been through throughout my life and how i've had to rise up from them, but how those moments were necessary and had to happen, because otherwise i would never get to my highest. i would never be confident or happy. i never really thought about getting this as a tattoo, but i was thinking about getting a tattoo to represent my time here at nau, and this kind of popped into my head. like, this doesn't directly represent nau, but it represents all the hard times i went through, only to get nau, deal with them, and move on with my life and become happy. because first semester i was SO happy. it also represents the hard times i've had this semester, and that it's okay that it happened, i'll only grow from this pretty situation, and that i did once again need to sink to the depths, in order to rise to the heights.

i will rise to the heights :) eventually...

anyways. yeah...

i also want to get my hair cut.

maybe like one of these? whenever i get my bangs cut though, i usually end up not liking them.

WE SHALL SEE. for now i must go take a shower... haha.

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