Thursday, August 26, 2010


YAYAYAYYAYAYAYYYAYAYAYAY! i have wifi :) i'm totally stealing it from someone, but i don't care! haha.

i really want to go to bed, but i need to do a few things before then, so this will probably be a quick post.

anyways, i am SO happy :) i have to admit, i had my doubts about coming back. i wasn't sure if anything would be the same and i was wondering if i would hate it and want to be in chandler again because usually i want what i don't have... haha. but i still love it here :D i've been going to band camp for the past three days and i'm happy to announce that nau's drumline is actually doing really well this summer :D 8 snares, 5 tenors, 6 basses and 6 cymbals. we started out with 7 cymbals, but one dropped today. BUT i'm happy because he totally and completely sucked. so... YEAH. i also met one of my roommates and he's suuuper cool. i really like him already. i'm sure it'll be awkward to live together at first... but... yeah, whatever. haha. he plays snare, so at least we have something in common, right? anyways, yeah. drumline's been awesome. today was high school stereotype day, so the drummers were the stoner kids. i didn't really doing anything, but seeing everyone act like they were high... was super funny. haha i love my section :) tomorrow i get to wear my fake beta lambda shorts because even though i'm technically not in kkpsi, i'll always be a part of our little group that went through last semester :)

so yeah... long story short, i'm happy here. i love that i left all of the drama in my life behind in chandler. i'm making new friends and also reconnecting with the old. jane is quickly becoming one of my best friends up here. i can't wait until school starts so i can see brianna, maggie and tj more!


HAPPINESS! kejjrhrmnmgh.

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