Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"i love. i have loved. i will love."

packing sucks. just thought i'd put that out there. i've been avoiding it for the past two days by watching movies through my netflix two week free trial. haha. i got it two days ago and seriously sat in bed ALL day watching different movies. i watched one really bad one, but all the rest were awesome. i realized by looking through all of the movies they have that i haven't really seen good, classic movies. haha, i don't really care, but it's cool to have seen some of them now. this morning i watched a movie right when i got up. it's not really a classic, or even that great, but one of those movies that just makes you think a lot.

one of my favorites that i've watched though in the past two days was i capture the castle. it's based off the book by dodie smith. i read it a few years ago and it's one of my favorites! i didn't even know that there was a movie. a lot of times i don't like movie adaptations of books, but i reeeally loved this one because it totally stayed true to the book. "i love. i have loved. i will love." these were the last words of the movie, although slightly different from the book, i actually really love this quote. really, they're perfect words. i love right now. i love my family, i love my friends, i love most parts of my life and what i'm choosing to do with it. i have loved. i have loved people, i have loved things, and i've loved my life. things change though, and that's okay. it's okay to not love something that you once loved. and i will love. i will love so many things that i don't right now and things and people i don't even know exist yet.

just thought i'd take a break from packing. my room is slowly but surely becoming less of a mess. it's still super bad now. i drove around with my brother yesterday looking for boxes. i brought a ton home and now just have to fill them. ughhh wish me luck. as much as i want to get out of here is as much as i hate packing. haha. why can't it pack itself?!?!

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