Monday, August 9, 2010

flagstaff :)

so... things are coming together! and i couldn't be more excited! well... i could be, and will be when things are done with! haha. i'm in the middle of applying to get an apartment and getting a job. i found an apartment that i like, but it's a bit more than i wanted to spend. but, it's not far from nau and it's pretty nice and my roommate is down for everything that's happening! i thought at first that she wasn't completely sure if she would be able to pay for things, but she totally is! i already sent in the application and now i just have to wait until morning to call and figure out how to pay for it. haha. so... i hope that goes through. on the job end, i applied to a lot of places, but one place i actually just gave a resume to. the girl working there told me to email the owner so i did. he responding telling me to call, and when i called he actually remembered me and asked me a few questions. i was trying to make it formal, but he made it very casual which was super nice. he told me to send him my school schedule so he can figure out if i'm available at the right times and told me he'd call me back by friday but if he doesn't to call him back. which sounds promising!

i figured out that to afford rent, utilities, food, gas, and a little bit of fun money, i need to work 32 hours a week making at least 8/hr. i'm not sure how much this job will pay if i get it... but that seems pretty reasonable... i'm trying to figure out a schedule that i'll have to stick to, which i know will probably be hard for me, but i HAVE to make this work.

i know my last post was super depressing, but it was hard for me to be in flagstaff and not have a place to call my own. i also have a really hard time asking people for help when i really need it. my friend austin offered probably 10 times to let me stay with him, and then when it came down to it, i had the hardest time asking him if i could. it ended up being me, him, tj and austin's roommate. we watched tv, played card games, and a game called cricket... not like, the sport cricket, but like, the freaking SCARIEST game of my life. it's kind of like intense hide and go seek. and... i pretty much hated it. even though in the end, it was pretty fun :)

i really had an amazing time this weekend, it was so motivating to just drive around and remember how much i love it there and to have so many people there that love me and would do anything for me. i ended up spending more time with my friends than looking for jobs and apartments, but it was worth it, because i feel like i actually did get things accomplished.

so i guess the next time i go up to flag, i'll be moving up there! i really hope everything with the job and the apartment go smoothly, because i need both! i feel like things are falling into place, but i really don't want to speak too soon...

anyways. I'M EXCITED. ekrjgnjhnt.


  1. Hi there! Found you via Sunday Morning Sugar and your blog seems so fun! My dearest just got approved for his apartment today and my sister is also applying for jobs. Odd how we all can fall in the same position, eh? Best of luck with everything though! I am following you now and hope to become friends! :)

  2. yes, very odd sometimes!! and thank you so much! :) i'm so glad you found my blog because now i've found yours!