Wednesday, August 11, 2010


it's funny to me how important facebook has become in the lives of everyone around me. i've been trying not to focus on it so much. it's not the first thing i check every morning. i don't tell it and everyone on it everything i'm doing. i keep people updated on some issues, but i haven't been updating as regular as usual, and i don't sit there and look through my wall to see what everyone is saying. my mom will sit there and ask me, "did you see my status? did you see what scott posted? did you see what tina said on my status?" and usually my answer is, "no." and oddly, she usually seems slightly disappointed. i've been focusing on other things. so the fact that so much drama has happened over facebook in past couple days, it just makes me really question what the lives of the ones around me has really come to. just because you deleted me off of facebook doesn't mean anything. i haven't changed, i'm not disappointed in myself. but yes, i am disappointed in the fact that has become such a huge thing to these people that deleting someone off of facebook equals deleting them out of your life. and honestly, the whole situation is dumb because i can't get away from it. i can't just leave and forget about it because these people are almost family to me.

but honestly, i don't care. i'll be gone soon and i don't want to take any of this with me. hopefully when i'm there i won't have time to get on facebook, and i can't wait until that happens.

i've lost so much respect for the people that are involved in this. last night i felt bad, but now i can see that i did nothing wrong. all i did was try to help and none of that was seen or recognized by the two people who need it most. it's maddening to see people who are so off base from reality. so i'm not going to do anything anymore. i will live and let live. and i'll help people who want my help instead of wasting hours on a note to someone who doesn't even care. i deserve more than that. i'm worth more than that, and i'm moving onto bigger and better things. facebook and people who care about nothing else mean little to me now.

that... is all.


  1. love this post... I'm so over facebook. I hate that my friends check there to see what I'm up to before a phone call. I miss catching up in person and everything being new to them as I update them, not "oh, I saw that on your wall" ... we are getting so impersonal as a society, it began with texting.

    just my opinion though :) love your blog!

  2. aww thank you! and i couldn't agree more with you!