Tuesday, August 10, 2010

everything is falling... apart.

sooo... serngjksnht. i posted yesterday about how everything was falling in place. and now it's falling so terribly out of place.

i didn't get the job because i'm not available at the right times. i tried to switch around my schedule and now i have an online class and an 8:30 class. i thought i switched a different one... but i didn't so i also have a night class two nights a week and a mid afternoon class. so it doesn't help me AT ALL for the job because i need to be open 2-9pm on week days and i'm not. i thought i was opening that up, but it didn't at all. so now i'm trying to add a psychology class that's in the morning and take that instead of drawing 1 so that i only have one mid afternoon class on tuesdays and thursday and hopefully will be able to get a job for monday wednesday and friday. if not, at least i'll be available for other jobs.

now their website is taking freaking forever and no one at ccc will answer my calls and when they do they don't know how to help me. how hard is it to tell someone how to prove they have an ap credit from high school? i asked if i could just send in my high transcripts and she said yes, then i called back to see if i could do my nau transcripts because it says i have that credit on there. then she said oh wait, i miss informed you about the high school transcripts, you can't send those in, but you can send in your sat scores... no lady, i want to send you my nau transcripts. so then she transfers me and then that line doesn't answer... THIS ISN'T THAT HARD WHAT THE EFF.

now i'm looking for another apartment and i only have TWO WEEKS until band camp starts and i need to be living in flagstaff.


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