Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"remarkable people are all minorities in a world of average living."

if you don't know my best friend, you're seriously missing out. she inspires me everyday by the little things she does, but today i've really just started to understand how much she's really done for me. we talk all the time about happiness and what it takes to achieve it. we talk about our futures, but mostly about the present, because after all, it's called the present for a reason. and lately we've both began to realize what a gift right now is. anyways, i just read this from her blog and i am SO inspired by her list of goals. so, because i'm feeling so inspired right now, i'm making my own list of goals. and because in two weeks time i need to be moving, i decided to make a list specifically for this time:

1. clean my room - my room is a disaster right now. there are clothes all over the floor, projects that i've completed and some that i've only started scattered everywhere, and stuff that i just haven't unpacked from when i moved back home. i need to get rid of probably close to half of my clothes because i honestly don't need or like any of them!

2. clean my car - my car is unfortunately in the same condition as my room, and just as bad.

3. go back to flag - i need to visit flagstaff one last time to really get things going. my dad said he might be able to go with me this thursday. i have two places i want to look at, an apartment and a townhome, the apartment being slightly more expensive than the townhome.

4. get a job - i certainly need one.

5. pack all of my stuff - aaaand...

6. move to flagstaff!!!! - could you believe i had four people ask to be my roommate today? i could only say yes to one :/ i kind of feel awful. anyways, this needs to happen!!!

7. stop obsessing over things and people that don't matter - realize who matters to me the most. and realize who is worth my time and advice.

8. be more compassionate - the biggest (next to getting an apartment and job... hahaha). love people for who they are. help everyone who needs your help. know that it's okay to be compassionate for people you don't really care for. it's different. but most importantly, just love. love others and love yourself. i know maybe tonight i haven't shown complete compassion for everyone, but i'm trying to change that. i honestly feel bad about the drama that has gone on tonight, and in all honesty i would take back some words if i had the opportunity to. with that said, i can't and will take this as a life lesson, and hope that all involved will too.

9. be remarkable

i'm so excited about everything that's going on in my life. i'm moving on and out of this city. chandler has done a lot for me throughout my life, and even when i thought it couldn't bring me much else, it did. i've gained the bestest friend i could ever ask for and i've learned a lot about life. i've truly been inspired this summer to live my life to the fullest and never do what makes me unhappy. i know that probably isn't possible, to never have to do something that will make me unhappy, but if i set that as my goal, even if i don't achieve it, i'll be so much better off. i might be making a dumb decision by moving out when i don't have a job or money, but i'm going to make it work, and i'm going to be happy.

for as many life lessons i've learned in chandler, i have also had bad experiences. this city has had so much drama for me, and thinking about the drama that happened it flagstaff for me, all of it stemmed back to chandler. mike: from chandler, ex girlfriend who he wasn't over lived in chandler and was best friends with my ex best friend. stress from second semester: caused from me going home way too much and not focusing on school.

so, chandler, i will miss you for the lessons i've learned and for the family and friends i will be leaving behind. but i will take all of this with me when i leave here, i will take all of it with me in spirit.

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