Friday, August 13, 2010

good days.

today... was such an awesome day :) first off... I SIGNED THE LEASE TO MY NEW HOUSE!!! i blogged about it last night, but it's such a super awesome thing!!! i was shaking as i signed the lease! haha.

after i did that i got in my car and tried to find cracker barrel. i saw online that they were hiring so i wanted to head there first. aaannddd... i got lost. i ended up on the freeway not knowing where i was. i made it back into town and decided to try again and... did the same exact thing. :/ i was very discouraged, but trey texted me and that totally made me feel better :) i decided to go to the mall and see if anywhere was hiring there, but i had no luck. just as i was feeling the urge to give up, tj asked if i wanted to get lunch. i knew i needed to focus on looking for a job, but i couldn't help but say yes. it was awesome though because he took me to a few places after lunch (including cracker barrel, haha). while we were on our way there, burger king called me! haha, i applied a few weeks ago online thinking nothing would come of it, like all online applications. anyways, they asked if i could come in for an interview 30 minutes from then, so i did! burger king isn't really my ideal place to work, but it's honestly better than nothing and will pay for an apartment! after that i applied to a few more places and was given an r&b cd by this kid standing outside of peter piper. he wanted me to listen to it and text the number on the cd with my feedback. haha. i listened to it for a bit... it was... all right. hahahaha. anyways, i brought my application to cracker barrel and the manager told me to call her on monday! which is super exciting because i would MUCH rather work there than burger king...

BUT, it was still an awesome day, minus like, 30 minutes when i was lost. haha.

i can't wait to be in flag :DDDDD

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