Monday, August 30, 2010


today = first day of classes!!! i'm SO excited, it's crazy. i'm nervous... slightly. i'll probably be more nervous when i get to ccc and have no idea where to go or park. crap... i don't have a parking pass! haha. they don't sell them online though... so that's their bad.

anyways. i have art 100 today. ART APPRECIATION. haha :) afterwards i'll be straightening out the rest of my schedule, calling the bk lounge to see when i start working and going to my first official drumline and marching band class! WOO. i'm pretty ecstatic. only two more nights staying with emily and then i get to move into my house toooooooo. i know this is ALL i've been talking about lately, but it's rather exciting news.

it has been weird to not have a place of my own to come home to. emily's place is nice and her roommates are nice, but i feel awkward being here when they aren't... and when her roommates are here, but emily isn't. anyways. ONLY TWO MORE DAYS! when i move in i'll for sure take tons of pictures, i know i haven't posted any pictures in a long time. my iphoto is being dumb though and has been for like, a week now. so i might have to go into the apple store soon because i'm not sure what's wrong. ALSO, i start my first official photography class tomorrow! woooo. i know i've been a photography major for a year now... but taking an actual class just hasn't happened because all of the intro classes are dumb and everyone and their mothers like to take them. so yeah. i can't wait for that!

this week should be super exciting, first day of classes at a new school, a new year of marching band, a new house, a new roommate, a new job, and i get to see my family this weekend!


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