Wednesday, August 18, 2010


happy birthday to my sister jamie! finally a teenager! haha :)

aaanyways. today has been filled with TONS of packing. my floor is visible!!! i can't believe how real everything is feeling right now :) i pretty much need to leave tomorrow and stay with my dad and stepmom in prescott until band camp starts next tuesday. i'm so excited for everything and to actually have a FOR REALZIE job lined up! haha, it wasn't what i expected, and if my interview with cracker barrel goes well tomorrow i'll for sure take that over burger king :/ oh well, at this point a job is a job! and i'm going to need money to pay for my rent and food. i have like, $70 now from my dad, and i don't think that will last me until my first paycheck... aaanyways, yeah.

bloopppp. i don't know what else to say! haha :)

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