Saturday, August 14, 2010

healthy.nau.cymbals. :)

why is it so incredibly hard to stay healthy in this house? i swear, all we have is processed, super unhealthy food. i know this food is for my brother and sister, both of which of a super high metabolism and are so skinny. but when you have a mom like mine who hates to go grocery shopping the healthy food is eaten up quickly, which leaves all of the bad things for me to eat when i get hungry. i hate the feeling after eating something like this, it's just so horrible.

i can't wait until i move up to flag (nine-ish days!!!) so i can buy my own food and keep healthy things around my house! no more processed food!! i plan to cook a lot and snack on healthy things like fruits and vegetables rather than snack size sausage biscuits (they aren't even that good!). i've gained like, ten pounds since coming home and i DON'T like it AT all. i love my curves, and actually wouldn't mind weighing this much, but a lot of my clothes don't fit me anymore and that really bothers me! i would love to be at a size 8 again. i felt so good at that size and most of my jeans are that size... so yeah, it just makes sense :) size 10 isn't bad... but yeah, that just isn't what size the clothes i own are! haha. but i also just feel better when i eat healthier! i guess that's probably a given, but after you are healthy for a while you tend to forget (at least i do...).

i have ten days until band camp starts and i CAN'T WAIT!!! i can't wait to be active again! regkjhnt. i have sooo many plans for band camp and the cymbal line for this year. i absolutely loved my cymbal line from last year, but i don't think any of them are coming back! boo! it's kind of an odd situation because the cymbal line (with the exception of me) is the only section where pretty much everyone has to learn a new instrument (at least at nau). i mean, cymbals aren't really that hard to learn, but it's hard to master it and really be graceful but intense. most people are awkward and dirty when they first start, so hopefully i'll prove myself to be a better teacher this year (if i get the chance again!). last year was such an unexpected but pleasant surprise to be able to teach the cymbal line at nau. i guess it's not really a secret, but nau isn't really known for having an awesome drumline. haha, but i didn't expect to be the head of the line in my first year. i had no idea what i was doing because i had never taught an entire section before, just a few random people at random times. but this year i have a game plan! i also have more experience in playing! in having to teach last year i also really had to separate my mind from what i was playing... i'm not sure if that makes any sense at all, but it was really hard for me to teach what i was doing because it was so natural for me. i had been doing the same moves over and over again that i couldn't really explain how i was doing it. if the other players couldn't just do it by watching me, i would have the hardest time explaining it to them. so i really had to sit there and think about how i was doing things and pretty much reteach my brain how to play. haha, so i guess i wasn't separating, but connecting my mind to my playing!

anyways, i'm excited! i didn't really take many pictures of the line last year, but i plan on changing that for this year! WOO :)

nau cymbals 2010! I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO BE HERE!!!

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