Tuesday, August 24, 2010


i'm sitting behind the cline library again at nau. haha. i spent the night at maggie's house and she had to be up and gone pretty early, so i left a little before 7 with her. i accidently left my phone in her room and didn't feel like going to get it. only problem: i had plans this morning with some friends and now i'm relying on facebook and i just hope they check it right when they wake up.

anyways, i'm listening to mcm and getting really hyped and excited for nau drumline! :) we have a meeting at 11:30 that i'm waiting for. apparently we have 23 auditioning, which is the same amount as last year, so i'm pretty excited. aaaand, apparently there are two other people auditioning for cymbals with me!! i just hope they aren't better than me... haha i really want to be section leader again. to me that sounds super... conceded maybe? haha i don't know/care at this point. i have so many plans for the line this year that i didn't have last year. so yeah.

yesterday was my first official day back... ish. haha, i had an interview with cracker barrel that was honestly really weird and unorganized on their part. the manager was trying to find something for me to read and kept leaving for like 10 minutes at a time, coming back to tell me she was still looking for whatever she was looking for and leaving and then leaving again... another manager came up to me after an hour to tell me she got sidetracked doing something else and that he would leave my application on my desk and tell her to call me because apparently she liked me, she just had to do something else. so... i don't know what was going on with that.

afterwards i was kind of afraid i wouldn't have anywhere to go until maggie got home at 10:30, but i ended up hanging out with tj and then jane, austin, stephanie, dan, emily, and theresa. it was seriously so much fun :) we went to target to get me pink short shorts. hahaha, when i was rushing for kkpsi i was in the beta lambda class and our nickname for our class was the beta lambda "shawties." haha, so naturally we had to get short shorts. and since i'm not technically a beta lamnda, we thought it would be funny for me to get some and just write, "sam" on the butt but in the same format as their writing is. haha, i had to get a children's extra large, but they fit really well. aaand i left them at jane's! which is sad. i'm waiting for her to wake up so i can go get them.

i have $86 to last me until my first paycheck. i didn't want to spend it all on fast food and stuff like most people get during band camp, so i decided to go to walmart and buy bread and peanut butter so i can make sandwiches. i know it's going to get old pretty fast with eating just peanut butter sandwiches, but at this point, i can't really afford to do much more than that. hopefully my mom will buy me some food when she comes up here for labor day weekend.

anyways, this is pretty long... but i don't really have anything else to do right now besides sit here... i pretty much hate waiting for things like this! i just realized that i bought a huge thing of water from walmart and i totally have a big water bottle... dumb sam. oh well.

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