Thursday, August 12, 2010


TOMORROW! i'm signing the lease to my hooooouuuuuuuuussssssseeeeeeeee. AH. it's SO cute. and toootally the least expensive thing i've found that's not in flagstaff's worst neighborhoods! i found it on craigslist (and it's not a scam!) and it's only $1150 a month. it's super small, but has three bedrooms and one bathroom! woo. and it's only 1.9 miles from campus! it's right next to the train, which some people might find annoying but i think is so totally amazing :) i can't wait to just watch for it and take pictures of it. the yard is super small which awesome because then i won't really have to do much with it and it has these amazing flowers that look like sunflowers but smaller... i can't remember what they're called right now. ANYWAYS, i can pretty much guarantee that there will always be flowers fresh flowers on the counter. yeahyeahyeahhhh. i can't wait. the kitchen has cute yellow walls that will just match so perfectly :)

so tomorrow i'm going back up to flag (i'm in prescott right now) to pay the holding fee, sign the lease, and LOOK FOR A JOB! i'm meeting the lady at starbucks to sign the lease so i'll probably just park there and walk around to the surrounding places. if i don't find anything there then i'll go to the mall area. seriously, i'm not going to stop until i get me a job.

i also need to find someone to stay with for like, 8 days. which... is not too long, but kind of. the first five days will be during band camp and then hopefully after that i won't have to bug whoever i'm staying with too much because of school and work (fingers crossed). my parents will have to help me pay for the deposit and first month of rent, so i would really like to pay them back for that as soon as possible and start working as soon as possible.

so yeah... exciting exciting stuff! jhnjknrh. i cannot wait at all to get back up there and get home to start packing. and then i can't wait for BAND CAMP! AH! it starts sooo soon. i have 12 days! so i guess i'll have to pack all my stuff but then have like, 8 days or so worth of things to hold me off until i can get my stuff up here. i guess the move in date is a little obnoxious because it's on the wednesday after school starts... but whatever. haha,


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