Thursday, August 19, 2010

lamest day. ish.

so today... haha not worth it. i called cracker barrel on monday and got an interview and when i told her i didn't live in flagstaff yet she said it was totally fine and to just come in when i move here. i told her it would be as soon as possible, so i came up today. i stayed out super late with randy and trey last night and only got 4 hours of sleep because i thought i would need to go in around 2. i walked into cracker barrel at pretty much exactly 2 (she told me to come at 2...) and guess who wasn't there?! THE HIRING MANAGER WHO TOLD ME TO COME IN WHEN I MOVE UP AROUND 2PM ON WHATEVER DAY THAT HAPPENED TO BE. i guess it's my fault for not calling and actually telling her the exact day i would be coming, but apparently she just decided to go out of town until sunday. the trip wasn't a total bust because i got to hangout with tj for a bit.

it just kind of sucks because the only people i got to say by to were trey, randy and my sister. i guess i'll see everyone soon enough, but it's dumb that i could have waited a few more days...


yeah. not sure what else to say besides when i was driving from flag to prescott i couldn't help but smile the whole way. i can't wait for tuesday :DDD

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