Sunday, August 29, 2010

band camp = over!

i'm still loving it here in flagstaff, but i'm already starting to feel some stress. things are slightly falling together, but i'm running out of money. i've been spending too much money on food and today i had to buy a new battery for my phone because it finally pooped out on me after dropping it in a puddle a few weeks ago. i also have to finish straightening out my schedule for this semester. i was going to go over to ccc to talk to them, but tj wants me to go to his play today, so i'm going to do that instead. i'll head over to ccc tomorrow morning and try to get everything straightened out.

i can't believe that classes start tomorrow at 8:30!! tlrnhjnhjth. i don't even know where they all are :/ oh well. and i should be starting work tomorrow... hopefully they'll call me soon because my phone is finally back on.

this week should be exciting though! four days until i get to move it :D

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