Monday, August 16, 2010


YAYAYAYAY! hnkjrtdh. i'm SO excited. like, seriously, i've never been this excited! i have an interview with cracker barrel for whenever i move up there! the manager was so understanding of everything and told me just to come in whenever i move up and she'll interview me. so this pretty much means i have to move up there FAST. i haven't even started packing AT ALL! BUT ALSO, i found a place to stay for band camp and until the 1st! i had originally asked someone who had told me so many times before that if i did need a place she would let me stay with her, but i haven't heard back from her since thursday, so i decided it was time to keep looking. thankfully one of my friends named emily is going to take me in!

anyways, it's time to start packing! i just drove around trying to find boxes and it took me a while, but i succeeded! and now i'm super tired, so i might actually take a nap...

whatever. I'M JUST SO EXCITED!

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