Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i write too much in this blog. haha, WHATEVS.

i feel like today is the first day i've actually made progress. even though i'm really not closer to having an apartment or a job yet... it took me until today to really figure out what i needed to do to come closer. i'm changing my schedule to get a job so i can pay for an apartment, i found the rooms & shares part of craigslist that shows people who have apartments and are looking for roommates. i emailed a few, some who are looking for one roommate and some who are looking for two. i really want to make it work with lucia (the roommate i'm trying to work with now...), but if worst comes to worst, i'll find someone else and help her find someone else too. i just emailed one girl with a ton of information about a room that's only $385 a month... which sounds really awesome to me. she posted the ad a few days ago, so hopefully she'll respond.

i feel like i have to get all of this squared away today other wise i won't have a place to live. rgkjesnht.

and now i'm looking for a three bedroom. spencer had a friend looking for a roommate, so i am now taking on another roommate! nrgkjen. i'm actually kind of excited because he's also doing marching band and he's not just some random person. but... i've called a few places and so far none of them have 3 bedrooms.


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