Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i was about to go to bed when i decided to cut my bangs. haha, BUT, I LOVE THEM. they're pretty much what i've ALWAYS wanted from bangs. i've been working my way slowly towards by cutting little by little and tonight i just decided to go for it and take the extra inch off that i needed for them to be perfeeect. i never thought i could pull them off, and maybe i don't... but i don't care! haha. so then i wanted to take pictures and i decided i was bored of the effects i have on my photobooth. i downloaded a ton a long time ago, but i was bored with them. so i googled photobooth effects and found this!! i downloaded the q@mera and dotmatrix (free versions). i thought it wouldn't save the pictures (i found out it does, but in your finder so you have to search for them. haha), so i screen shotted them (and thought i was being super clever...). anyways. i took TONS of pictures and wanted to share :)

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