Monday, May 31, 2010


but not indie.

haha. yesterday was pretty much an amazing day. i thought it wouldn't be, because i thought i would end up sitting around the entire day doing nothing, seeing as andrew is in surprise and without car privileges, dan and trey headed to... wherever. haha i don't know, i think scottsdale? anyways. i thought i wouldn't do anything. but my uncle needed his key back, so i decided to go give him that back and meet andrew at the arrowhead mall. YES, his parents let him go :]] totally awesome. we walked around for a bit, and then decided to pick up his best friend who is also named andrew... kind of confusing. haha. anyways. we ended up going to westgate and then mcdonalds and back to andrew lopez's house. we talked about "being indie" because he has two indie pairs of glasses. i asked him if pretty much everything i owned was indie. hahaha. and in some small way they are. minus my hair, unless i wear it in pigtails. it became this big joke. we went to mcdonalds again and tried to take indie pictures there. they're on andrew lopez's camera, so i'll have to wait until he puts them on facebook to see if they're really indie or not, because i'm a pretty horrible model. we decided we're going to dedicate this summer to being "indie" and taking lots of "indie" pictures in fields of different plants and hiding different "indie" things in the background. OH, and taking my quote book and writing the different quotes in parts of the picture. like, a tree or the dirt. haha. this is mostly just for the fun of it, not trying to really be indie.

apparently the biggest secret to being indie is, get this, saying you're not indie. so i've been saying that i'm not indie. but... not when people ask me, just saying it. hahaha. this is all too funny to me.

i put one dread in my hair. i probably won't have it for long, because i don't want it to lock up and have to cut it out of my hair... but i think it will complete my not-indie look. hahahaha.

i find this more funny than it should be.

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