Thursday, May 27, 2010

getting my hur did.

TOMORROW. i was going to mention this in my last ramble from a few hours ago, but i totally forgot. IT'S TOMORROW. YESSS. anyways, i thought i knew what i wanted!! a bit below the shoulder with bangs. but, OH DANG, that's not very descriptive really, and not much of a choice.

if that makes any sense.

anyways. i guess i'm still debating on bangs. and right now this seems like SUCH a huge decision, but when i take a look from the outside, it really does seem trivial... anyways. i don't know what type of bangs i want, let alone if i want then at all.

but my hair is seriously too long right now.

these are what i've been thinking i might like.

anyways. i'm bored with this post. haha. maggie's saying yes bangs, devon saying no.


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