Wednesday, June 2, 2010


i've been realizing how much i want to do with my life. and i want to do it all, and i want to do it now. i know that doing anything right now is pretty impossible, due to the fact that i have NO money whatsoever, and no job so far. everyday i plan on calling all of the jobs i applied to, and everyday i usually don't, or i only call one. tomorrow, i will FOR SURE call all of them. i'm promising myself right now. i WILL (hopefully) get an interview, and hopefully a job. alex's mom is also going to help me get into mystery shopping, which seems so perfect for me. haha. she said that all i have to do is come over and she'll help me get started. so maybe i'll do that tomorrow too. if not, friday for sure.

anyways. andrew and i were talking about all of these things we want to do together, and it got me thinking about what i want to do. all of the things. and i wanted to make a list of all of them. well, not all, but some. mostly because i don't want to forget, but these are all things i really want to do during my lifetime, and i hope that before i die, i don't regret the life that i lived, and i hope i love all of my crazy, outlandish, amazing memories that i will soon create for myself.

these aren't in any particular order, just the order that i thought of them.

go on a cruise with andrew to the caribbean.
vacation in europe.
visit iceland.
be on a drum corps.
play another percussion instrument besides cymbals for a drumline.
march a top world line, preferably music city mystique.
redecorate my room.
move out.
get married.
have a family.
finish college.
make a living off of photography.
get into fashion photography.
be a wedding photographer.
figure out something else to major in so i can go back to nau someday.
visit flagstaff (soon :D)
figure out how to possibly get into underwater and ocean photography.
study abroad.
sell something on etsy.
travel to africa.
go on a cruise with my family.
direct a film.
make a vlog with andrew.
make a vlog with alex (bomdigity!)
have time for myself.
have time for my friends.
get a job.
have my own photography company.
go to hawaii.
have a closet full of clothes i like.
buy my own house.
have enough money to travel. everywhere.
live in boston. if anything, just to experience it.
go to the gym everyday.
eat healthy everyday.
live in a small house or apartment.
work as a cymbal tech.
be positive and happy, everyday.

in my head this seemed like way more than it did writing it down. but looking back, this is kind of a lot. where am i supposed to find the time to do all of this?! but if i do this all NOW, what will i do thirty years from now? nothing?!

for now, i guess i need to start living my life to the fullest, so i'll never regret anything i do or don't do. and this definitely easier said than done. i wish i could take a break from life to do this. like, so that i wouldn't miss anyone, wouldn't be missing out on a season of marching, or on a semester of school, so that i wouldn't be spending all of my money. but i guess that's a part of life. and doing things like traveling and spending money in order to do what i want is all a part of experiencing life.

i want to experience everything life has to offer. well... mostly everything. ha.

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