Wednesday, May 5, 2010

you don't really wanna mess yur hurrr up.

i totally already posted a blog today, BUT, i haven't been doing anything all day, so i figured i'd write another. all day i've been obsessed with how i should cut my hair. i haven't gotten it cut since august of 2009, and before that i hadn't had it cut since july of 2008. i used to get my hair cut like, every two months!! i don't know what happened. haha. i think i want to get it cut right below my shoulders with bangs and layers. NOT SURE THOUGH. JNGKENGKJENG. hahaha.

haha, i took these pictures with my sunglasses on because my hurrr is aalll up in the lenses. hahaha. so yeah. i don't know if it will look good with my regular glasses!! i hope so because i might get itttt.

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