Monday, May 10, 2010

endless summer.

it's been four days since i last blogged. and in these four days my life has changed.

i'm back home. not just for the summer, but for the next year or so. i had to say goodbye to my friends at nau and my life in flagstaff. i've grown. i've already experienced new things. i've dealt with drama. i've had the time of my life.

it's been an interesting couple of days.

i'm not sure which to do. i keep everything because i never want to forget. but lately that's what i've been wanting to do. throw things away, start over, start fresh and new. should i remember all of the bad memories that made me who i am? or forget them, knowing that i am who i am for a reason, and maybe it doesn't matter how i got to be this person?

i feel like all i do now is think, and it's causing me to miss out on life. i wish so badly that i had a job to go to and money to spend on things i want to be doing. i want to be traveling, taking pictures, spending time with my friends and having the most amazing summer and life. i need to stop thinking so much, and live.

this goes with what i said above. i need to start living. i don't need to forget what my dreams are, but i need to start actually doing something to fulfill them.

i'm trying so hard to remember this.

here's to summer. i'm hoping it's amazingly endless.

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