Sunday, May 30, 2010

job hunting.

it's been awhile since i last blogged.

i don't know why i freaked out so much about my hair. haha. i got it cut two days ago, still not knowing what i wanted. it's pretty much the same style, just four inches shorter. whatever. it's just hair, and i like it. haha :)

i wanted to blog about last night and how much fun it was. danielle asked me if i wanted to go to this girl's grad party. we went to high school with her, but i technically wasn't invited. but my mom was... anyways, dan wanted to creep, so i told her i would go. when it came time to going though, we decided not to, but she came over anyways. we were sitting at my house, hungry, with no food. we changed our minds out of hunger to go to the party. it was super awkward, especially since we stayed in the kitchen the entire time, but it was so much fun :) afterwards we went back to alex's for "part two" (haha) and convinced stephen to cut his hair. FINALLY. it was a hilarious, but we're all glad he did. haha.

i'm still waiting for one of the many jobs i've applied to to call me. i called a few and they all said they would call me sometime this week. so yeah. playing the waiting game sucks. i'm going to call a few back tomorrow.


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