Sunday, May 16, 2010


so, i know that i'm entering a new chapter in my life. it still doesn't feel real that i'm not going back to nau next year. it makes it feel more real that this weekend i've been going to the pre audition clinic for asu's drumline. i dreaded going, ask anyone. haha. but i went anyways and realized it wasn't as bad as i thought. it's definitely different than anything i've ever done though. not only is there a new tech, but most of the people from last year aren't coming back. a few are though... and two of the girls i cannot stand. at all. but, i've taken on a new attitude for this season. i will hold back, probably for the first time. i'll speak my mind every once in a while, but i won't let the things the other girls say get to me. they're already acting bitchy towards me. devon promised that if i didn't freak out on them, if he was ever there when it happened, he would. and i'm actually hoping it will happen someday. haha. i have to leave in a few minutes actually. but i realized i haven't blogged in a while, and i wanted to write about this weekend. i'm sore, physically and emotionally. i'll get through it.

this weekend was the first time i realized how much i'll actually have to work to reach my goals of marching corps and a top world line. i need to start working out, not to lose weight, but to gain muscle. i want this. so i need to.

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