Thursday, May 27, 2010


i've been trying to think of something to blog about all day, because i haven't in a while, but i feel... uninspired. i'm not really sure what to write about and that suuucks.

so i'll probably just ramble for a bit until i come across something that sounds noteworthy.

since i last wrote i've been doing a lot. kind of... i stayed at andrew's for three days (!). it was so much fun. we did a lot of our normal (swimming, watching tv, eating) and we ventured out and did some new things. on sunday when he came to pick me up we went to the spinny park. we swung on the swings, spun on everything, and overall just had a fun time. we were going to leave and he tackled me in the grass and we laid there and watched the sky. i got a ton of bug bites from it, but it was pretty much worth it :) we went to alex's lost party (new experience for him... haha). then over the next three days he taught me how to drum (i'm pretty good for someone who's been playing for four days :D), we cleaned a lot, washed his car, went shopping, sang in his van to hillary duff and miley cyrus. it was a pretty amazing time. then last night he brought me home and we went to my best friend dan's house to celebrate her getting her real estate license (woo :D). there were cupcakes and i think andrew ate about six. haha.

today has been filled with me being absolutely LAZY. i ate pretty healthy foods though (honey bunches of oats with strawberries, sandwich on a biscuit (probably the least healthy thing i had) and then a smoothie with frozen fruit, milk and ice). i spilled most of my smoothie on the ground :/ haha.

i've been talking to my mom a lot. we were talking about my friends and some of the problems we have (haha) and then just about me and then my sister and a few other things. it was nice to have a good talk with her, because i feel like we haven't talked in ages. i love hearing my mom's take on some of the issues i'm dealing with.

my mom is a life couch, and that got me thinking, what if i went to school for that? like, i really enjoy talking to people and trying to get them to think and helping them with their problems. i know i should probably go to college for psychology or something like that, but life couching would probably be easier. haha. maybe it would help me just with interacting with my friends, because sometimes i have no idea what to say to them. i want to help people. maybe i could somehow incorporate photography into it. i don't know... i'll look into it.

i've been thinking about photography a lot more too. my mom tells people that the reason i'm not going back to nau is because i still don't know what i want to do for a living, and that i'm going to try to figure it out while saving money at a community college.

this isn't true. i know what i want to do, and i want to be a photographer. sure, i'm not really sure how i will make it a career, and what i really want to go into within the photography career, but that's why i'm going to school for it, so i can figure it out while learning. i think i want to do portraits for people. dan sent me this link a while ago and i when i was looking at these pictures i was so inspired. i want to take pictures like that for people. i want to do amazing and artistic portraits that you keep and love forever. this morning i was looking at sarah-kate mcaleer's tumblr and was also inspired by her photography. I WANT TO DO THIS. photography like that, that inspires people like me. that's what i want to be doing.

aaanyways. my mom is wrong. i pretty much know what i want to do. i just need some time to figure out how to do that and develop more skills.

on another note, apparently my brother and sister told my mom that since i've come home from college, i'm harsh. not sure when i've been harsh to them, but... okay. whatever.

i'm not really sure what else to write now, so i'll leave it at that.

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