Saturday, July 31, 2010


i've had a lot of progress with everything flagstaff related. haha. first off, i found a roommate. i don't know her, but i found her on facebook and she seems like a good person. hopefully we'll be able to pull everything off soon. i also paid for marching band. i'm actually taking it through nau (so i had to pay all of the dumb fees which made marching band cost freaking $1240), but i don't have to withdraw from nau and i can tell people i'm an nau student. i know my mom will. i'll probably say ccc though to anyone who asks... haha. anyways. we also keep meaning to pay for ccc, because i'm finally enrolled in 12 credits, but we also keep forgetting. today! let's get it done! haha.

i've been reminiscing. last year... seriously one of the best of my life. there was stress and some other things that made it not so great, but other things that totally overshadow all of that! i thought i would reminisce with you :)

sorry there are so many... but it's my blog!! so i'll post as many as i waaaant :) haha. anyways. i can't wait to get back up there!!

i'm not sure why some of the pictures only show like, 2/3s of it. but it kind of makes me mad and i don't want to spend time to fix it. haha.

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