Thursday, July 15, 2010

day eight.

Prompt 8:
Today, I want you to illustrate an "inside joke." I want this to be a page that only you and a few other people would get. Inside jokes are always fun (well, when you are apart of them I guess).
I have a journal page from my first year in college where I filled the entire page with inside jokes. Ummmm....I only "get" like two of them :) I have no clue what the other ones even mean anymore. Isn't that crazy?
Easy enough :)

so this one is a few days late, but we finally had kind of an off day, so i took advantage to play catch up. i'm still two, almost three days behind, but... whatever.

my roommate from this past year at nau was seriously one of my best friends and we had the BEST inside jokes. i seriously have never had inside jokes as good as ours. so i dedicated this page to her and all of our inside jokes. i'm not going to explain any of them either because well... it wouldn't be an inside joke then... riiiight?! haha.

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