Tuesday, July 6, 2010

day one.

Journal Prompt Number 1: Create a full page design introducing yourself :)
Highlight your name many times in the midst of your design.
I chose to use a lot of line design because I love it so much lately.
I also chose to draw some of the things that I like as well in there!!
Have fun, be creative, don't stress, just jump right in!!

YAY!! i started working on the first prompt just after midnight and didn't stop until i was done! IT TOOK ME FOUR HOURS!!! but i love it. it's so random and colorful, with a lot of things that i love, a lot of things that i just thought of on the spot, a lot of things i draw a lot, and just things that are a part of my life. first i drew everything with pencil, then i outlined it with black and then i finally colored everything in. i didn't color in the head and shoulders, i figured it would be too busy, and i wanted it to stand out. but can i say, i absolutely LOVE it!! the whole thing, every part of it :)

i kind of wish i had done this yesterday, because i really want to move on to prompt two!!

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