Wednesday, July 7, 2010

day two.

Journal Prompt Number 2: What is the BEST part of your day?
Is it working out?
Is it "quitting time" at work?
Is it dinner with the fam?
What is it?
You can write about it, draw it, sketch it, doodle it, anything you like!

so let me just say, it's only the second day, but i am having SO much fun with this journal project. i finished day number one within the first four hours of the day. all day i could only think about today and working on the next prompt. i got so excited and wanted to draw so i decided to decorate my front cover. i couldn't buy a new journal so i had to use one that i found in my house. it's nothing special, so i covered it with two brown paper bags and purple duck tape. i'm not really sure why i chose that, but i did. i decided to write that i, sam, have accepted the 30 day journal challenge. it took me all the way until day two started and i couldn't be happier with drawing all night long. i seriously forgot how much i love drawing.

the second prompt made me think about what my favorite part of the day is. at first i really have NO idea. i couldn't think of anything because my days have been filled with absolutely nothing. i wake up pretty late, stay in bed for an hour or two until i get hungry enough to go downstairs and eat. i usually either stay downstairs and watch tv or go back up to my room tumble or facebook. so i had to seriously think about my favorite part of the day. and thinking about it, it's when i go to bed. so i decided that i would draw a bed with things that could only be together if i dreamed about it. the bed posts are tree branches that meet at the top to make a bird's nest, then a palm tree and snow. i really love this one and it took me ALL day!! i finished it about an hour ago. today's actually been one of my more productive days. even though i really didn't get anything done, i've constantly been doing anything.

AH. i really wanted to post this before midnight, but my brother's friend was here and kept talking and making me look at very funny by the way. haha.


oh, and the quote says, "dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about." - marsha norman.

okay, blogger is saying that i posted this on wednesday at 10:13, but it was really 12:03. so. yeah. just saying!! :D


  1. Your journal looks so bright and colourful already, very inspiring :)