Saturday, July 24, 2010


i've always known that i was afraid. but i've never openly talked about these fears with anyone. until today. i realized so much about my life and the fears that are holding me back. i'm not going to go into detail about most of it, but i'll say that i'm afraid i'm not important, i'm afraid i'll be abandoned, and i'm afraid that i will be forgotten. i learned some information about a person as well. and now i will have to try my hardest not to let them know they've lost most of my respect.

i know the first step to conquering that is realizing that i have an issue, and for the longest time i knew i had one, but wasn't sure what i was afraid of. now that i know... i feel better. it's kind of a sense of relief. it hurts a little bit, but i know it will help me move on. i kind of wish my mom hadn't have told me everything she did... but, i needed today.

and i am important.

don't forget that.

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