Saturday, July 17, 2010

day nine.

Journal Prompt 9: Choose another person who is very significant in your life right now. It can definitely be the same person that we wrote about on day 3, but I chose to do someone different. Anyway, this prompt is going to be all about those wonderful adjectives, and typography. Describe your special person with as many words as you can fit. For each word, try to use a different font or writing style. This is a great way to practice fun typography!

i'm slowly but surely catching up! today is actually day 12, so hopefully i'll get the rest done today :)

this was another one that was hard for me to choose a person to write about. i chose tj because he's had such a big role in my life the past six months. he's the big brother i never had but always wanted and now that he's in my life i don't see him ever leaving. i wrote big brother at the top (using the greek alphabet... kind of. haha :D). he's technically not my "big brother" anymore, because i dropped my kkpsi process, but he always will feel like an older brother to me :)

i played around with different fonts this time too! aaand i was trying to fill in all the white space, but i ran out of things to fill it up with! haha. i used the greek alphabet, smiley faces, hearts, A+'s, HA's, music notes and teeth. haha.

anyways, now for day ten!!

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