Saturday, July 31, 2010

day twenty six.

Journal Prompt 26: Today you are going to write out your favorite recipe!! This can be written, illustrated, cut and pasted, something. It is always really good to document these small little pieces of your life. Don't you think?

yay for being caught up! this is seriously one of my most favorite dishes ever. it's an old recipe passed down from my great grandparents. my mom renamed it party potatoes because we used to bring them to all the parties and family get togethers we went to. their pretty unhealthy, but they're SO good. i would eat them everyday if i wouldn't gain 500 pounds from it. haha. anyways, you can ad onions to it too, but i left that out because i don't like it :) you can mix it up a lot actually. i think my step mom uses cream of mushroom instead of chicken.

aaanyways. i've been working on another project all day, and since it's saturday night and i have no plans, probably all night too. i'll for sure take a picture tomorrow and post it because it's super awesome :) at least i think so! haha.

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