Tuesday, July 20, 2010

day fifteen.

Journal Prompt 15: Today I would like you to brainstorm some goals for the upcoming month. A short list of goals that will be attainable to accomplish in one month.

it says a short list of goals that are attainable to accomplish in one month... so i drew this. this is what i want to have in one months time (maybe a teensy bit more than one month, but still). i want my own apartment in flagstaff. that's the biggest. the apron on the coat rack symbolizes me having a job. i really want to find a job at a coffee shop so i can work mornings. i really want to get a bike so i can not only save money on gas, but get in better shape. biking is one of the only exercises that i actually like! the shoes (they fail, but they kind of look like shoes) are supposed to symbolize getting in shape again through marching band and exercising on a regular base outside of marching band. i've been sewing a lot the past few days and i would love to start doing that again too. i have cookies in the oven because when i move out i am going to need to cook for myself and i really hope i learn how, haha. oh, and then the books on the couch represent school, which starts in about a month and a half. i'm currently enrolled in 3 schools, but only signed up for classes at one - ccc. i still need to pick one more class, pay and buy all of my books, but i'm so indecisive and i don't know what to pick for my last class! ccc doesn't really have that much to choose from either and i can only take one photography class this semester. i think i might take cis 120, because it's the prerequisite for the photoshop class they have, which i would love to take maybe in the spring.

anyways, i'm still trying to figure out all of my options right now. staying in chandler i guess is an option, but i'm trying to rule it out. i'm going to flagstaff this saturday to hopefully look at some apartments (for sure one) and apply for some jobs. i can feel this happening, and it's absolutely amazing.

OH, and i made the walls mint green because it's my new favorite color! i absolutely loooove it. i don't even like mint (eating it), but i love the color because it's totally awesome and i want to paint my walls that color when i move into my apartment (whenever i get one... haha). anywaysssssssss.

yeah. day fifteen, halfway done :/

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