Monday, July 5, 2010

30 day challenge :)


i'll start tomorrow :) i really want to go buy a nice journal for all of this, but i'll probably just see what i have around the house. or try to find something super cheap at target.

on a different note, i finally finished something on my 20 before 20 list!!

number 3 - dye my hair

yayayayay for finally accomplishing something!!

oh and, i don't know if i mentioned this in the blog i wrote earlier, but i had an awesome fourth of july weekend. it was full of driving, family, boyfriend, prescott, pictures, lake, dogs, laughs, presents, and amazingness.

being in prescott (which is oh so very close and similar to flagstaff) made me realize even more how much i want to be there and not here. i'm talking about it with andrew right now, and it's actually making me sad, because i know if i leave, i'll be leaving him here. i wish i could take him. i wish he would want to go. but i know he would be just as miserable there as i am here.

i... am not in such a great mood anymore :/

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