Saturday, July 24, 2010

living in the now.

sooo... today. was. so. amazing.

AHH. i went back to flag :) and i'm for sure behind on my journal, but i don't caaare.

i was only there for about three hours, but in the time i was in flagstaff i feel like i (kind of) accomplished a lot. and more than anything i was motivated way more than ever to get back there. one of the best parts was that i go to see tj and not only for lunch, but he drove around with us for a little bit while i looked for jobs.

even above seeing tj, i got to talk to my mom. we talk all the time and mostly about really important things, but i realized so much about myself. we talked about my fears and she really helped to realize what's been holding me back lately. i'm pretty sure another blog will come soon detailing these fears, but for now i'll leave it at what a fantastic day i had.

oh, and i pretty much have three options for roommates. this... is the only thing really holding me back. BUT, right now i feel SO optimistic about everything.

one of the things my mom and i talked about on the way up there was opportunities and how a lot of people wait for life to happen to them. i recently posted a blog about how i'm not getting any opportunities thrown at me, so i'm creating my own opportunities.

if i just sit here, in chandler, and i wait for life to happen to me, then i will never be happy. i can't just think that opportunities for me to do what i want and to be happy is just going to happen. i have to make those things happen. and by moving to flagstaff i'm actually doing something.

i'm living.

and i couldn't be happier... for now :)

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