Wednesday, July 21, 2010

day sixteen.

Journal Prompt 16: Short, sweet, and straight to the point :) What are you wearing today? Write it, doodle it, cut it out of a magazine, whatever!

all of this is self explanatory, because it's really just clothes. haha. but i put a smile on there because today i can't help but smiling! for some reason i am in an awesome mood. i woke up early (kind of), i wrote a blog that really helped me to think better about why i'm deciding to move back to flagstaff and i'm realizing that i am so ready to move on with my life!

i just enrolled in my last class for this fall: cis 120. ewewewew. intro to computer information systems. JKEBGHBG. but i've been realizing lately that i think someday i want to have my own business, be it for photography or for an actual product, but i'll probably need to know my way around a computer more. and it's the prerequisite for the photoshop class that i also want to take. SO YEAH!

my schedule (in honor of all the high school kids who are doing this right now, haha):

nau marching band: 11:30-2:40 MWF
drawing 1: 6-8:40pm MW
digital photography 1: 3:30-5:15 TUTH
art appreciation: 6-8:40pm T
intro to computer info systems: 11:30-2:20 TH


JGKJNRDJGNKJWNF. i'm so excited!!!

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