Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i know i've already posted two blogs today, but it's been a weird and emotional day. my last post was super happy and positive. this one... not so much.

i'm really tired of people telling me i can't do things, and thinking they know what's best for me and implying that i haven't thought things through.

maybe i am doing the wrong thing, but i need this. i absolutely, one hundred percent need this.

i can't stay here. i know that when i'm here i say i want to be there and when i'm there i say i want to be here, but right now, i need to leave. i can't stand it here. i'm not happy here. i want to be happy.

oh, how badly i want to be happy.

i'll do anything to make this work. i really will. i want this more than i want anything. why can't people understand where i'm coming from?! ejhnkjrhn. i'm in college, i don't care if i'm broke. seriously?! that's what's supposed to happen.

things are going to be different this time. there are so many reasons why things are going to be different. the biggest - i've had a realization of what i want, and what i need to do to get there. and for the first time, i'm going to do it. no matter what anyone says. i will do this.

i guess this is kind of positive?

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