Thursday, September 2, 2010

moved in :D

i moved in!! WOO. i only have 10 minutes until my next class starts, but i felt the need to let everyone know. i still have so much i need to do (like set up all the utilities), and it feels like i have so little time to do it! today is nau's first football game of the season and the marching band has been working so hard the past week. not only did we learn all of pregame, but we learned our first show and all of our stand tunes. i really like the cymbal line and the rest of the battery this year. i loved them last year, but we seem to click even more this year.

anyways, i have a pretty awesome blog coming soon enough, probably tomorrow. i've been learning so much in all of my classes and it's only been 4 days! and i'm happy to say that i love all of my classes so far :) (except cis 120... i might drop that one...).

anyways! photography is next :D

pictures of the new house sooooon.

ps. i love my roommate. he's super cool and i hope that lucia is equally as awesome.

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