Monday, September 13, 2010


one: i love my life.
two: i love my friends.
three: i love my instrument.
four: i kind of hate my job.
five: i need to get another job. i can't afford anything right now and i don't get enough hours.
six: i love my roommates.
seven: i miss my family.
eight: i like all of my classes except cis 120. i still need to buy the books.
nine: i'm not procrastinating as much as normal, but i need to procrastinate less.
ten: i might rush kkpsi again.
eleven: i love my major.
twelve: i'm not sure why i'm doing this in list format.

but i like it.

anyways, i've been pretty busy lately. my room is a mess. my second roommate moved in. i played at the nau asu football game. i had my first audition for mosaic. i learned a lot. i woke up at 3am. i did homework until 5am. i drove until 8am. my 8:30am class was canceled. i found a ton of free books in front of someone's house on my street. i went to marching band and had the best epiphany for the best visual :D i went to lunch with brandon and spencer. i accidently went to work. i took pictures. i wrote this blog.

i'm already behind... but i plan on changing that this week. as for next week... i'm not sure yet. but i do know that i pretty much love my life right now :)

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