Sunday, September 19, 2010

tonight :D

i'm totally procrastinating on that other blog that i keep saying that i'm working on, and i promise, i am!!! but yeah anyways, tonight has been quite the night. sorry for the oh so depressing blog last night, that was me being sad for my lack of plans. but tonight toootally makes up for it. all i can really say is that tonight consisted of matching old people shirts made by me (hopefully i'll get a picture soon) for brandon and i, drumline party, cars getting towed, girls telling brandon they only came to the drumline party for him and that they better get something out of it (okay only one girl), girl getting mad when he turned her down, walking about a mile to get to some circus party, getting to said circus party, leaving five minutes later and walking home, tents, pizza, clinton throwing up on our little porch (multiple times), me hiding out in my room while said throwing up happens, coming out when i think he's done only for him to start again.

but yeah, it was still fun :) i love my friends. i really really do. even if they throw up multiple times at my house, of all places.

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